Eman Ahmed, Formerly ‘World’s Heaviest Woman’, Is Now

Egyptian Eman Ahmed Abdulati, once touted to be the heaviest lady on the planet at 500 kg, is on the road to success to a quality life. She has lost 242 kg since her entry in Mumbai for an extraordinary weight reduction methodology, her treating specialist and famous bariatric specialist Dr Muffazal Lakdawala uncovered on Tuesday.

Dr Lakdawala, while tolerating a Man of the Year grant for his commitment to the therapeutic field, said yesterday, “Eman has lost 242 kg up until this point.”

The enormous weight reduction rushes the way toward getting Eman recovered – she hadn’t left home in 20 years inferable from the corpulence.

She landed in Mumbai on February 11, weighing 490 kg. She lost 100 kg with a strict fluid eating routine and physiotherapy inside days of her entry. On March 7, she experienced a laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy (expulsion of around 75 for every penny of the stomach to breaking point her utilization of sustenance), taking after which her weight dropped down to 340 kg as of March 29


The extra loss of 98 kg in only 13 days, according to Dr Lakdawala’s disclosure, has shocked everyone. Taking after the bariatric surgery, her group of specialists had anticipated that her would lose near 150 kg in 18 months.

The fast weight reduction has significantly enhanced Eman’s wellbeing parameters. Her heart, kidneys, lung and liquid levels are all under control now. She, be that as it may, keeps on being incapacitated on the correct side and endures intermittent seizures accordingly of a cerebrum stroke she had endured three years prior.


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